Dance Program / Schedule

Dance is for everyone at !ACCENT! Dancer, a welcoming, drama-free dance studio located in Woodbridge, VA. We invite everyone to get active and have a good time by taking advantage of our wide array of dance classes. Whether you've spent more time tripping over your own toes than dancing or you're an accomplished dancer looking to polish your technique, our friendly, highly experienced instructors will delight in sharing the joy of dance with you.

At !ACCENT! Dancer, we're pleased to offer excellent customer service. We instruct students of all ages (from ages 2 thru adults) and skill levels.

When you're looking for a dance school that provides dance lessons for everyone in the Woodbridge, VA, area, turn to !ACCENT! Dancer. We understand the undeniable physical and mental benefits that dancing offers, and we strive to make them available to any person who's interested. Our classes are geared toward students who have skill levels ranging from novice to advance.

Led by owner and founder Melinda M. H. S. Kasal-Canty, we always aim to provide excellent customer service. Committed to sharing the joy of dance, !ACCENT! Dancer holds classes in a comfortable and respectful environment and in an extensive array of dance styles, including:

  • Ballet (instructed in the combination of [mainly] Cecchetti and Vaganova methods and using the American Ballet Theater [ABT] Terminology).
  • Modern (covering techniques of Horton, Graham, Cunningham, Limôn, and others; Laban Movement Analysis [LMA] concepts are used and Improvisation is also explored).
  • Hip-Hop (Jazz Funk, Street, Contemporary Hip-Hop)
  • Jazz
  • Creative Movement (providing a creative outlet through movement, story-telling, and music while developing emotional, social, cognitive skills).
  • Musical Theater (explore acting, improvisation, and dancing skills).


It is important to just move!! In this case, participants may join our studio in our recreational program. Participants may register in individual classes just for the joy of dancing and moving without committing to any technical aspects or performances associated with the studio. Recreational classes are: Creative Movement, Level I Ballet (any age), Musical Theater, and Hip-Hop. For ages two (2) thru Adults.


If you’re just beginning or a pro, our technical program will provide the skills you or your dancer will need to learn the true art of dance--paving the way to a life-long love and appreciation of the art. A true dancer is not one that can kick the highest, or has the most turns, or has the most tricks. A true dancer is one that can captivate his/her audience with his/her soul by being a well-rounded, grounded, and beautiful dancer. In the technical program, participants MUST enroll in: Ballet, Modern, and choice of Jazz, Hip-Hop, or Musical Theater. Participants in the technical program will be involved in performances and showcases in our community throughout the entire season. For ages seven (7) thru Adults.

As a Veteran, locally owned and operated dance school that proudly serves Woodbridge and the surrounding areas, we offer flexible appointment scheduling and have classes daily. Whether you want to participate in a group class or take private lessons, recreationally or technically, !ACCENT! Dancer can provide the quality instruction that you deserve. Contact us today to learn more and sign up for your first lesson.


We at !ACCENT! Dancer do not hold our customers to a contract; instead,
classes are paid for in 4-Class "Sessions". Typical sessions have four (4) classes, with prices associated to that. Depending on the timing, considering Holidays, school events, etc., some Sessions are longer or shorter. Some are 5 weeks long; some are 3 weeks long. We also incorporate 1 Week breaks in between Sessions or at times longer to accommodate Holidays. Length of the Session dictate Session prices.

Summer Schedule 2018

5872 Mapledale Plaza
Woodbridge, VA 22193
HOURS: Mon-Thurs, 1-9pm; Fri, By Appointment Only; Sat, 10am-1pm; Sun, 3-5pm (Fitness Classes Only)